There will be a number of educational activities which the school cannot provide without financial support from parents. These might include:

1. Educational visits (transport and entry cost)

2. Residential visits

3. Design, craft and cooking activities (to cover the cost of ingredients and

materials if the children are to take the finished product home)

4. Music tuition


Without this support some activities would not be able to take place. Some activities offered by School, whilst enriching experiences for the children, will be regarded as “optional activities” and will occur wholly or mainly outside of school hours. In such cases the School will make a charge to parents who wish their child to participate.

The full costs of replacement or repair of school property lost or damaged by children will be charged to parents at the Headteacher’s discretion. Such charges will always be made where the loss or damage is due to a child behaving in breach of the School’s Code of Behaviour.


Library Books:

We have and the wide choice of books available. Maintenance of these books is a major consideration. The spiralling cost of books means that we can no longer simply write off lost or damaged books and replace them from school funds. With this in mind we have a charge for lost or damaged books. This we hope will encourage children to take greater care and responsibility for the books they borrow.


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