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Physical Education and Sport

We are currently reviewing our PE policy at the school.  In this review we are looking at the PE curriculum and assessment procedures.  This page will be updated shortly.


PE and sport are a vital part of life at Burbage Junior School. We firmly believe that physical education and sporting competition is an integral contributor to a child’s development and well-being, embedding within them values such as fairness and respect.


A broad and balanced PE curriculum is intended to increase pupils’ self-confident in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations. At Burbage Juniors, pupils experience a range of physical activity areas including: dance, games, gymnastics, swimming & water safety, athletics and outdoor & adventurous activities. Progressive learning opportunities, combined with varied teaching approaches, endeavour to provide stimulating, enjoyable and appropriately challenging learning experiences for all pupils. Through the selection of suitably differentiated and logically developed tasks, pupils, irrespective of ability, enjoy success and are motivated to further develop their potential. Pupils are given the opportunity to make a positive contribution to their learning.


A balance of individual, paired and group activities, involving co-operative, collaborative and competitive situations, aims to cater for the preferences, strengths and needs of every pupil. Such activities aim to promote a broad base of knowledge, skills and understanding. In addition, these activities develop a pupil’s ability to work independently, and to respond appropriately and sympathetically to others, irrespective of their age, gender, culture or ethnic background.   


The activities that pupils are taught and the teaching approaches adopted seek to provide pupils with opportunities to develop their creative and expressive abilities, through improvisation and problem-solving. Pupils are encouraged to appreciate the importance of a healthy and fit body, and begin to understand those factors that affect health and fitness. They make decisions to attend extra-curricular activities in and out of school to develop their own physical fitness and physical literacy.


Our Aims


  • To develop skilful use of the body: the ability to remember, repeat and refine actions and to perform them with increasing control, co-ordination and physical fluency.


  • To develop an increasing ability to make and apply decisions about selecting, linking and applying skills, as well as tactics and compositional ideas.


  • To improve observational skills and to use their observations and judgements to improve their own performance and that of others.


  • To develop the ability to work independently, and to communicate effectively with others whilst making a positive contribution to their own and others’ learning.


  • To develop physical and mental capacity through challenge and application.


  • To provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.


  • To develop an understanding of the effects of exercise on the body.


  • To help develop an awareness of how to lead healthy and active lives.


  • To promote an understanding of safe practice, and develop a sense of responsibility towards their own and others’ safety and well-being.










Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium


Primary PE and sport premium funding is being provided to primary schools across the country. The government is doing this in order to improve the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of primary aged pupils, therefore helping them to build healthy lifestyles. This money is ring-fenced and can only be spent on the provision of PE and sport in schools.

For the academic year 2014/2015, Burbage Junior School has received approximately £10,000. We expect similar funding up to 2020.

Our school has chosen to effectively use this premium in the following ways:

Provision (including effective uses identified by Ofsted)


Curriculum time coaching


Purchase of new equipment

·         Purchasing specialist equipment and teaching resources to develop a fully inclusive curriculum and to develop non-traditional activities.


Hinckley and Bosworth partnership package

  • Employing expert advice to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in the subject area and implement plans for improvement.

·         Developing and reviewing aspects of the PE curriculum.

·         Employing evaluation tools to measure and monitor progress and impact.



Group membership/affiliation charges for a local, existing sports network


Professional coaching subsidies (table tennis, tennis, basketball and football)


Staff training and development



Impact (The difference it has made/will make)

·         Increased pupil participation.

·         Enhanced, inclusive curriculum and extra-curricular provision.

·         More confident and competent staff.

·         The sharing of best practice.

·         Increased staffing capacity and sustainability.

·         Enhanced quality of teaching and learning.

·         Improved standards.

·         Evaluation tools, expert advice and subject reviews will help to identify the added value of the funding and help support with the identification of other areas of need to help direct funding towards enhancing overall provision.

·         Positive attitudes to health and well-being.

·         Improved pupil attitudes to PE.

·         Increased range of opportunities.

·         Increased pupil participation in PE and competitive activities.

·         Clearer talent pathways.

·         Increased pupil awareness of opportunities available in the community.

·         Pupil concentration, commitment, self-esteem and behaviour enhanced.

·         Positive impact on whole school improvement.

·         Increased school-community links.

·         Ensuring strong, sustainable effective links to the 2012 Games Legacy and Olympic and Paralympic Values.

Please note that this is a live document and will be updated as appropriate.



Extra-Curricular Physical Education Activities


When does it happen?

Who is it open to?

Street dance*

Monday & Tuesday lunchtimes (12.30 - 1pm)

All year groups

Year 6 Table Tennis Club

Friday lunch (12 - 12.30pm)

Selected year 6s

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